Anatomy of a Habit

By Gayle North, Positive Change Coach
Are you still cleaning your plate or robotically repeating other self-defeating behaviors?

Habits are the response we have to specific triggering events, people, and situations. The following sequence illustrates how habits are developed and what it takes to change them once they are established.
HABIT Formation Sequence:
• You do something or have an experience
• After two or three repetitions it becomes a habit
• Your new habit is downloaded into the subconscious mind
• You are now hypnotized to perform this habit
• You robotically repeat the hypnotic habit when you get triggered
• You made your habit – now your habit begins to make you
• You become a slave to your habit and repeat it when you are triggered
• Your habits are either the best of servants or the worst of masters
• YOUR BODY and YOUR LIFE and YOUR CHARACTER are the reflection of your habits!
Once in motion, a pattern stays in motion. UNTIL YOU DECIDE TO MAKE A DIFFERENT CHOICE.

• Once your subconscious mind realizes that a habit is dangerous to your well-being, it can change sides and allow you to re-choose – and create a different habit – one that fits your life better as it is now.
• You can UN-hypnotize yourself from the old habit and replace the old habit with a new one! It is like replacing old software with new software.
• Un-Hypnotize yourself from the habits you don’t want anymore and install new healthier habits with self-hypnosis! How?
Get Still, Get Quiet, and…. Imagine Your Success!
Play your success movie over and over in your mind. Athletes and performers do this when they have a big even coming up. This gives your subconscious mind a blueprint to follow. You must let your subconscious know what you want!
To expedite your success, consider professional hypnosis coaching.

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