Gayle North, Positive Change Coach, offers empowerment coaching to support you in using the awe-inspiring power of your own sub-conscious mind to achieve positive changes that are important to you.

Imagine a stress-free way to let go of worrying, compulsive eating, sweet/carb cravings, golf frustrations, smoking and chewing tobacco use and other self-defeating habits – with only positive side effects that empower you in other areas of your life as well.

Coaching with Gayle can assist you to effectively reduce fear and anxiety related to dental work, surgery, public speaking, spiders, heights, school tests and professional evaluation. Grief from loss of loved ones or other traumas in life can be soothed and healed.


Empower Yourself

Tap into the higher potential for your life, and empower yourself.
Gayle North, Positive Change Coach, helps create a pathway toward improvement for each individual through a focused, personalized program.  


Gayle North, Positive Change Coach
Gayle holds multiple certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), RET (Rapid Eye Technology), PSYCH-K®. Her expertise with these powerful techniques equips her to empower her clients to achieve their goals. She has been assisting people to create fast, easy and lasting change for over 20 years.

As a long time personal growth advocate Gayle explains, “I have discovered in my own journey that it is not about knowing more or reading one more book about how to resolve your problem; most people already know what they want. They often know what they need to do to accomplish it. They are just blocked by unsupported beliefs and perceptions or a lack of motivation or confidence.

Gayle believes that, “Your true potential can be realized only by removing the faulty perceptions and blocks. This can be almost impossible to do without competent assistance. I work with coaches myself. We all have blind spots. It is invaluable for me to have an intuitive coach to help me see the blind spots and clear them up.

As a hypnotherapist and positive change coach, I love assisting people who are ready to create better health and more happiness in their lives by releasing what is limiting them. It is fun for me to inspire them to nurture themselves into a fuller expression of their true potential. People are often surprised how easy it is to change old patterns they may have been stuck in for years.

Gayle has written many practical articles on health and personal development. Her work has appeared in Montana Woman Magazine, Back Porch View, The Kalispell Times, The Daily Interlake, Montana Living, and The Flathead Beacon.


Hypnosis Coaching
Positive Change Services – How To Get Started

The first step in exploring the possibility of working with Gayle is to have a phone consultation and then if both you and Gayle want to explore the possibilities further you will schedule an assessment session.

During the assessment session Gayle will listen as you describe your goals in more detail and your journey to date. You will complete a questionnaire that gives clues to the underlying issues related to your personal past difficulties in realizing your goal.

At the end of the assessment Gayle will suggest a personalized program if she feels that you could benefit by working with her. She will explain her approach and suggest a focused program personalized just for you to create a framework and pathway for improvement. The cost and session frequency will be discussed at that time. You can then make a decision whether to start your program with Gayle or look for other alternatives.

Your Positive Change Journey
Gayle is an intent and intuitive listener. After hearing you describe the changes you desire and probing the issues blocking your success, she engages a process specific to your needs.

Within that process, she guides you step-by-step to shed obsolete perceptions and limiting beliefs. Barriers that have stopped you in the past are replaced by supportive patterns of thinking and new behaviors.

Each session is result oriented. Many clients report less stress and more confidence after the first session.  Subsequent sessions provide opportunities and strategies for continued improvement.

Benefits of Hypnosis Coaching
• Increase self-esteem
• Quit smoking or chewing tobacco
• Gain control over food and cravings and compulsive eating
• Be free of phobias: dentist, snakes, spiders, heights, testing, etc.
• Enjoy your golf game more
• Develop more confidence
• Find healing and peace after a loss
• Release anxiety and manage stress in a healthy way
• Approach medical procedures with calm confidence

Office Sessions In Person
Meeting with Gayle is always powerfully transformative.  If you are in the Bigfork, Kalispell, and surrounding Flathead Valley areas you are welcome to schedule an in-person appointment with her.

Let’s Skype
Live further away?  Enjoy the adventure of creating the results you want in the comfort of your own living room.  Internet sessions work beautifully and are convenient with Skype or other programs.

Phone Sessions
Phone sessions are surprisingly efficient and effective.

Custom Recorded Home Sessions on CD or MP3
Re-program your subconscious mind. You can listen to Gayle’s soothing voice at home. Custom-recorded home hypnosis sessions are packed with positive suggestions that are personally meaningful.

These personally designed home sessions are available by special order. Gayle carefully clarifies what you want to achieve, then designs focused recordings to help you relax and succeed with your goals via guided self-hypnosis.

This approach has proven most effective with issues such as time management and procrastination, clutter and hoarding, preparation for medical and dental procedures, self-esteem, confidence and job stress, to name a few. Repeating positive messages to the subconscious mind relieves suffering, pain and fear to facilitate changes in thinking and behaviors.


Gayle North resides in Bigfork, Montana and is available for consultations and sessions.  You can meet with her in person if you are located in Bigfork, Kalispell, or surrounding Flathead Valley areas.  Or, through phone or Skype sessions,  you can reach your goals without even leaving your living room.

PHONE or TEXT   (406) 250-4038
EMAIL  Gayle@gaylenorth.com