“I started working with Gayle in June of 2013 to seek help for my lifelong struggle with food and my weight. After just a few sessions, not only did I no longer obsess about food and start on a path of weight reduction, but I also experienced an unexpected benefit.

I have been a competitive clay target shooter for over 20 years. Dealing with the pressures of performing well in competition has always been a challenge.  I attended my first competition in 2+ years shortly after seeing Gayle.

My first event out I broke a perfect 100 x 100 targets and felt totally relaxed while doing so.  It was the first time I actually enjoyed every target while never missing one.

My past perfect scores were always a struggle which I only enjoyed when it was over!

Gayle has allowed me to feel better about myself all around and I am excited about the future.”
-Craig Drew

“It’s been 10 months since I’ve been to the Positive Change Institute and I want to thank you again for your kind assistance in helping me quit smoking. Even now after almost one smoke free year, I find it hard to believe that I have really given up the habit. Your program works. I know I’ll never smoke again.

As you know, I was a dedicated smoker, 15-20 cigarettes a day and had been doing so for 30+ years. I knew the terrible health problems associated with smoking, and had tried to quit many times, but could never get past the cravings and I assumed I didn’t have the will power to overcome my ‘bad habit’.

Thanks to you I now have absolutely no desire to smoke, nor did I experience any of the “I’ll just have one” thoughts, that I used to get when trying to give up before. One session gave me the resolve and fortitude to break my smoking habit of 30 years with no unpleasant cravings or withdrawal symptoms.

Not only did you make the process of quitting smoking “painless”, you also made it a pleasurable learning experience. I have had new insights into my own abilities and resources that I attribute to my session with you.

Please accept my sincere thanks for your help and friendship.”
-Bob Lemieux


“Thank you Gayle for showing me that I have the power in my subconscious to make the change I have made.  I’m no longer dragged down by old habits of smoking and the negative feelings connected with that habit. I’m waking up each day actually looking forward to the day and better health.  I appreciate you showing me the tools that enable me to a true feeling of freedom.  Thank you for enjoying what you do and sharing your knowledge. Thank You, Gayle!”
Linda McKinney

“It’s a challenge to find the words to express how happy I am that our paths crossed and found you.  I had tried everything out there to quit smoking.  I remember it was a week before my appointment with you.  I was making the kids breakfast when I realized I will be a NON-SMOKER before my milk expires!  I remember saying “oh lord” a lot that week.

Here I am, without a cigarette, without a craving, without withdrawal and even better, with pride and happy heart and a new set of friends!  My first day at work without a smoker’s breath, I did not know what to do with myself, so I figured I would go upstairs to the break room (not to my car where I smoked).  I walked in and all the non smokers looked at me and I said, “Who are you people?”  We laughed.

Gayle… It does not feel like it’s enough to just say thank you.  I am so emotional about this because you are so special.  Thank you for what you have done for me and what you are doing for my family.”
Bobbie Shenall  (Non-smoker since 2006)


“Since I began coming to PCI in October 2008, I have definitely made “positive changes” in my life.  Through your methods including hypnosis, I have lost 60 percent of my goal weight but more than that, I am enjoying life much more and my energy level has greatly increased.

You, Gayle, are ever knowledgeable, patient, and understanding.  You never give up on me or allow me to give up on myself.  It is a truly wonderful experience to have a coach who sincerely cares. What an honor and privilege it is to have you as my life coach!”
Myrna Hillie

“Gayle is an awesome coach.  She was able to reach the area of my subconscious that has had a negative affect on my life for years.  I wanted to change my life for the better.  Because I smoked, I had lost my self esteem and that started to have an impact on my career.  I already am experiencing the change.  If you have any hesitation about this process, please feel free to call. St. Patrick’s Day, what a way to remember liberation!”
Rick Ruby  (Non-smoker since March, 2008)


“After smoking for 45 + years and failing to quit with every program available, I came to the Positive Change Institute, even knowing that it probably would not help—wrong!  It’s not been easy; I have regressed and resumed the old cigarette habit.  While I was frustrated, angry with myself and disappointed with me – Gayle called (months later) to check on me (she knew!)  Back to Positive Change for follow up sessions—feeling great and confident and knowing Gayle is for real and her interest in my true success is also real.  As difficult as I have found myself and this habit to conquer- I am now “over the hump” and on the road to a smoke free life!  Yay!”
Richard Morris

“The quality of my life has much improved.  My mental state has gone from fright and fear to contentment and joy. I didn’t realize I was so negative and had other bad habits I didn’t need.  My physical state was pain and fatigue and now I can be out of pain, relaxed and rested without medicines. Thank you Gayle! I am so fortunate to have found you.  I will continue to use the tools you have given me and God willing I can continue to seek joy, love, and peace. Thanks again.”
MaryAnn Crismore


“I was skeptical…not knowing what to expect.  From the first session I was pleased and looked forward to the next.  Gayle helped me feel at ease and speak my mind. I began to learn a lot about myself – good and bad.  Many things in my life I had been stored away because I didn’t know how to deal with them.  My feelings were unacceptable to me so I just pushed them aside and tuned them out.

Now I have learned to let go and forgive myself and get on with my life.  Now I know how to stop my back spasms by getting my mind off the stress, anger, and my stored feelings.  It became a bad and debilitating habit.  Thank you Gayle for all you have done!”
Anita Flint

“All I can say is “Opening Doors”.  Positive Change Institute interested me immediately when I first read Gayle North’s superb articles in the Lake County Journal.  First, for the direct approach, second for the clarity of defining an issue, a problem, or a challenge that needed change.

I personally went in with a highly defended set of goals, to discover the “real need” was hiding just below “my” goals and while my perceived goals were good, meeting the real need(s) was the answer!  We have a huge family business, a lot of interactions, and great need for communication.  The very first meeting with Gayle… In an hour, a change occurred that reversed a pattern that had been occurring for nearly 31 years! In one hour, a healthy beginning occurred and it only got better.  Positive Change = Healthy Change = Better Life.  Better business, better family interaction!

P.S. It would be a possibility that I would write a book about the incredible changes you set in motion in my life, with your excellent approach.  When I came in to see you it was like being on a road with no road map!  You certainly changed that! Thank you, Gayle! A million times over.”
Kit Adams

“I have worked with Gayle as my positive change coach for some time.  My experience with her has always been great.  No matter how I feel when I go to see her, I always come out of her office feeling 100% better than when I went in.  Even if I am feeling good when I go in I feel better when I come out.  She has several methods she works with.  I have experienced all of them and they all work as she has the ability and the intuition to know which one is needed at the time.  I only have good things to say about Gayle North and the way she works as a positive change coach.  I would and I have recommended her to many people with total confidence.  She has become a very important and positive part of my life. One very important aspect of Gayle’s work is that I have never felt judged or put down in any way.  It has always been a very positive and uplifting experience that has left me feeling very positive and good about myself, my life, and who I am.”
Evelyn Thompson

“Gayle was professional, caring, and personal in identifying my reasons for smoking.  Through her emotional freedom technique, focused relaxation CDs and hypnosis I have been free of nicotine for 6 weeks.  The surprising part for me has been lack of withdrawal symptoms, and I have not been anxious as I was when trying to quit before.  I am impressed so far and feel very confident and comfortable with the process. Thanks again!”
Vince Taylor