By Gayle North, Positive Change Coach

If you are still smoking or chewing tobacco, you probably do plan to stop in the future. Most people do stop, sooner or later.

Maybe you are waiting for a vague “something” to help you make up your mind. I hope this article will assist you to do just that – make up your mind and do it no that is. Think about what you have been waiting for. Is it a diagnosis to scare you, or an event or person to inspire you into making the decision to put it behind you?

Too many people use hindsight rather than foresight.

Stop for a moment and use your logic to level with yourself. You can use your foresight and stop before you burn up any more of your money and before the tobacco poisons do any more damage to your body, …. or you can wait for hindsight and complicate your life after a clinical diagnosis of damage that may or may not be reversible.

Most tobacco users have heard stories, or may even know someone personally who has been damaged by their tobacco habit. Their “friend” the cigarette or the chewing tobacco may have cost them their golf game, their breath, maybe even the ability to shower and care for themselves.

Johnny Carson and countless other celebrities died prematurely as a result of their smoking habit. Even fame and money couldn’t provide an escape from the ravages of the habit. Johnny had everything a person could want in life – except the health to enjoy it. His friend “the cigarette” slowly took it all away.
Smokers in denial about the dangers of their habit may point to elders who have used tobacco their entire life with, seemingly, no ill effect. But people who smoke into old age and live to old age are extremely rare these days probably due to so many other toxins in the environment that get compounded by tobacco use. The general consensus from 20 years of studies and research is that cigarettes are killers.

More Americans will die prematurely this year from smoking than all the Americans killed in 24 years of battle deaths from World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Viet Nam War combined! Talk about chemical weapons of mass destruction!

The Center for Disease Control now says that on average, adult men and women shorten their lives by 13.2 and 14.5 years of life, respectively, by smoking.

If you smoke one pack a day for another month, you’ll be another month older, you will have wasted another $215 of your money, and you will have poisoned yourself with 600 more cigarettes – and your excuses will probably still be there.

In a year, figuring $5.45 per pack, you’ll spend $2,400 and get another 7,200 doses of cigarette poison. And you already know about the other hidden costs of increased insurance premiums, medical treatments, and damage to clothing, furnishings, etc.

If you smoke two packs a day, you can double those figures. Why not make candles out of your dollar bills and burn 10 of them each night? You could have some fun – and you won’t be poisoning yourself or suffering the high hidden costs.

Or you can wait until you earn the right to say “I wish I could have a second chance – I wish I would have known what I know now.” The cost of smoking can be computed financially, physically and emotionally, and your costs grow with each passing day.

Whatever your reasons for waiting – you know they are just excuses. Your loved ones are increasingly concerned about you. They wish they could make up your mind for you – but they can’t. Only you can do this for yourself. Why not make up your mind and stop now?

Ask yourself this question: IF I TRULY LOVED MYSELF WOULD I BE USING TOBACCO? You already know the answer. Help is available. Consider letting go of your habit the easy way – with HYPNOSIS.

Gayle North is a Positive Change Coach offering programs to create fast, easy, lasting positive change in your life. Call (406) 250-4038 to speak with Gayle about your goals.