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Have Success with Golf, Smoking, Overeating, Sleep, Goals with Hypnotherapy.

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Gayle has recently relocated her practice to Palm Desert, CA. She is still available for clients in the Flathead Valley area of Montana by Phone and Skype.  Yes - YOU CAN get your goals without leaving your living room!  

Gayle now welcomes inquiries from the Palm Desert/Coachella Valley area for office sessions as well as Skype and Phone sessions.

Hypnotherapy Works!

Gayle North provides effective coaching for hypnotherapy in Kalispell, MT and surrounding areas

Gayle North provides effective Positive Change and Transition Coaching in person or by phone or Skype to help you to GET FREE FOR LIFE!

Imagine  - a healthy way to get free of worrying, compulsive eating, sweet/carb cravings, tobacco, golf frustrations and other bad habits  - a way that gives you only positive side effects and helps you learn how to deal with your life challenges more calmly and effectively!

Almost everything we do is a habit.  Most habits are healthy and useful.  Some are not.  Some habits interfere with our ability to be happy, healthy and successful in our endeaovors. Do you sneak food or cigarettes or hide other behaviors that hurt your body or your life? No matter what your unwanted habit may be, you can change it using your powerful subconscious mind.  Through Gayles coaching program you can b e happier knowing that you are taking care of yourself in a good way.

Even habits that keep you from playing at your potential with golf and other sports can be changed. You can get unhypnotozed from the old self defeating way of doing things and adopt a better way through the empowerment techiniques Gayle expertly applies to your challenges.  The mental part of your game must be in place to do your best.  Smile as a natural consequence of you enjoying your relationships, work, and  recreational activities to the fullest.

Replace your old frustrating habits with habits that promote your success in every area of your life!

Gayle can help you enjoy your life more!

Gayle North has been helping clients with smoking cessation and other positive changes for over seventeen years. Gayle's programs are effective by Skype and Phone as well.  No matter where you are, Let her help free you from past struggles and unblock your potential in ways that will allow you to Live Your Best Life. 

"…my entire outlook on life has changed.  I know I can be a healthier me, mentally first and then physically…"

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Make a Positive Change

Coaching with Gayle can alleviate a wide variety of self-defeating habits related to golf, food, tobacco, stress, claustrophobia, or sleep. Gayle can assist you to effectively reduce fear and anxiety related to dental work, surgery, public speaking, spiders, heights, school tests and professional evaluation. Greif from loss of loved ones or other tramas in life can often be soothed and healed.


What a former smoker has to say:

Golf Improvement Client Comments

Dear Gayle,

As you know I am a Tiger Woods “Wanna Be”, and at the very least, I am always striving diligently to keep improving my game. Until my sessions with you, I was essentially at a standstill with my golf game. With the method you taught me I get instant positive results with my deficiencies along with great personal gratification.

My focus has been on my lousy putting skills. I was effectively stroking the ball at least two, if not three times on the green which absolutely ruins ones score. My last competitive round with the boys on Monday was amazing. I practiced my short game, and then sat in the golf cart by myself, and went thru my drill with the tapping points, really focusing on what I wanted to do. I shot an 87 with only one, three putt green that game. It wasn’t the thrill of the 87 as much as the improved putting that had me really excited.

I am taking the time to focus on what I really want to make happen, and inter twine that with the EFT right before the game. I was absolutely skeptical when you first presented the EFT method to me but after trying IT, I have no doubt that this works for me.

Thanks So Much Gayle!  




Every time I drive by your office building (which is quite often when I'm headed for the golf course or athletic club), I think of you.  My sessions with you last year have helped my golfing and enjoyment of the game. You have also helped me in many other areas of my life.  I still tap occasionally when I need to settle down, and I can see & feel that it helps.  Hope your year has been fun and fulfilling.                                                            





Are people looking at me from over there? Oh no, I bet they are watching me from this direction? Can I hit this ball without thinking of them watching? Will I slice or hook the ball while the three of my foursome behind me watches as I tee off?

These were just a “few” of the blocks I had in playing golf. Needless to say I had many negative thoughts. I’m not saying I don’t still have ‘some’ of them. But, since my sessions with Gayle North using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to work through my blocks I have discovered a different game and a way to work through my negative thoughts. This technique not only helps with the golf game, but it can also be used for many other blocks, issues, or negative thoughts.

In fact, I played in a two day tournament when we first started our sessions. The first day I let the fact that I was playing with gals that had a handicap almost half of mine intimidate me. The next day I was determined to apply the EFT and my score ended up being way below theirs and I was so much calmer that day. I really realized how applying the EFT can make a big difference in my golf game and any other anxieties I might experience in other aspects of my life. I also realized my golf handicap is high, 26, due to my emotional barriers. I have the capability to have a low score. It’s just a matter of me applying the technique until I have allowed myself to meet my potential. My scores are indeed lower now. I have an average score of 6 to 10 points. I continue to make progress. Who knows, maybe my score will be cut in half this time next year. I also know it’s okay if it isn’t. I’m having a lot more fun.

Gayle has a way of making one feel comfortable and at ease with her. Her processes are not threatening or uncomfortable. They seem so natural and when we are done it all falls.




(name may be changed for confidentiality)